Leaked Audio Reveals Conspiracy To Replace IGP Dampare

A recently surfaced audio recording reveals discussions among high-ranking officials from the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and a senior member of the Ghana Police Service, regarding a plan to replace the current Inspector General of Police, Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, prior to the 2024 elections. Unidentified individuals in the recorded conversation expressed dissatisfaction with the IGP, accusing him of being uncooperative in aligning police operations with the objectives of the ruling party. They criticized his management style and alleged affiliations with the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

“Alhaji, my only problem… this current IGP. If we make a mistake and take him to the elections, it will not help us. It will not help us at all, and I will not mind if the position is not given to me, but that man is changed, because he will not help us, he will not help us at all… he won’t help the party at all.

“I know there are others who are also good for this position. If I don’t get and this man is changed and those people that we think they are our men get it, I will be happy… Because we need to break this 8. That is important, we need to break the 8… Because I wouldn’t want a doctor to become the flagbearer and then we lose the elections,” one of the men, who is reportedly a police officer in the audio, is heard saying

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In the recording, a senior police officer, who displayed interest in the position of IGP, stated that manipulations are sometimes necessary to win elections and that achieving the NPP’s goal of “Breaking the 8” (securing a third consecutive term) would be impossible with Dampare leading the police force. Another participant, identifying himself as a former NPP regional chairman, confirmed the use of manipulative tactics in elections, referring to it as “mafia work.”

“This IGP is not correct; he won’t help us. Alhaji, you have done politics, you know elections is not just… elections, sometimes mafia work is inside… and this man sitting down up there will not help our party to do anything,” the supposed security official added.

Furthermore, in reference to a recently held by-election in Assin North, an unnamed security officer suggested deploying preferred party-aligned security personnel to work closely with the local NPP branch to ensure favorable outcomes. The supposed senior NPP official agreed, mentioning plans to involve the party chairman and general secretary in undermining opposition efforts.

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When asked why they did not speak up during the IGP’s nomination, he answered, “We said it they didn’t believe us… We told them that we will regret it… They thought because we’re also fighting for position, that is why we were destroying him. But when he started arresting party people, that is where they saw that, hmmm… We said this and we said we told you. And we are still sitting down watching. If we watch and go to opposition, trouble.”

The alleged security officer continued to emphasize the importance of breaking the “8” (securing a third term for the NPP), expressing personal commitment to this objective due to their longstanding membership in the party.

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