Microsoft Phone Link for iOS is now available to all Windows 11 users: How to Get It

Microsoft Phone Link for iOS is now available on Windows 11 desktops, the company revealed on Wednesday. Previously, Android devices were supported by the upgraded version of Microsoft’s application for connecting smartphones and PCs running its Windows operating system. iPhone users can now connect their devices to Windows 11 desktops. According to Microsoft, the Phone Link feature will provide basic support for calls and messages, as well as better access to contacts and iCloud Photos integration in the Windows Photos application.

Microsoft announced the new release in a blog post, revealing that the Phone Link for iOS software will allow iPhone users to make and receive phone calls, send and receive iMessage messages, access their contacts, and check their phone alerts directly from their Windows 11 PC. Users will also be able to access their iPhone images via iCloud within the Windows 11 images app.

The Phone Link for iOS app will be gradually sent out to all users by mid-May, according to the business. Microsoft’s Phone Link for iOS app for Windows 11 will be available in 39 languages and 85 markets worldwide.

According to Microsoft, the app can be downloaded through the App Store as it continues to be rolled out to additional customers. The program is only compatible with iPhone models running iOS 14 or later, and it requires a PC running Windows 11 and Bluetooth connectivity. Users must have the most recent version of the Phone Link app loaded on their devices.

The Phone Link for iOS app does not presently support linking an iPad. It’s also worth noting that iOS restricts the Messages feature, which means users can’t transmit photos or movies. Group texting is not also available. Messages are only accessible while the phone is connected to the computer.

Microsoft recently announced the inclusion of AI-powered Bing to the SwiftKey Android keyboard app. According to Microsoft, the functionality allows Android users to enjoy the unique features of Bing chat via their keyboard and can be downloaded from the Play Store.

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