Nigerian Comedian Mr Jollof Hospitalized Over Suspected Food Poisoning

Mr Jollof, a popular comedian whose real name is Freedom Atsepoyi, has been hospitalized following a suspected case of food poisoning that occurred at a club. According to the performance promoter, Mr Jollof consumed a counterfeit beverage while clubbing, which triggered his health condition. In a viral video, Mr Jollof revealed that he suffers from an ulcer and the fraudulent drink resulted in medical expenses exceeding N400k. Expressing his frustration, Mr Jollof criticized the bar where he obtained the drink and declared his intention to actively seek out and reveal establishments that sell fake drinks once he has fully recovered.

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“They make 100% profit and still sell what will k**l their customers. Tomorrow they will blame government when their soul is darker than satan. If I notice fake drink in your club/lounge, I will report to the appropriate authority and I will see that your club is shut down for life. Selling fake Liquor is evil !!! Lounge / club owners I’m out for you people make I well first” he said

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