Nipa Ye Cobra- Kuami Eugene Reacts After His Ex-Househelp Disclosed He Paid Her Ghc400 A Month

Ghanaian music sensation Kuami Eugene recently addressed an interview where his former housekeeper, Mary, disclosed the modest salary she received while working for him. Despite publicly sharing videos of them dancing together and forming a close bond, Ghanaians were taken aback to learn that Mary earned only GHC 400 per month from the highly acclaimed African artist, given his status as one of the continent’s most sought-after musicians.

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The revelation caused surprise, as it is customary for domestic workers in Ghana to receive such compensation. However, expectations were higher for someone employed by a celebrity like Kuami Eugene. Mary, in an interview with a Ghanaian blogger, revealed that the popular artist initially paid her a meager GHC 400 during her time working for him. After two years, her salary was marginally increased to GHC 600. Unfortunately, due to misunderstandings, she claimed that Kuami Eugene had to let her go.

Kuami Eugene had previously expressed admiration for Mary, emphasizing that she had become like a family member after being introduced to him by his fiancée two years ago. He clarified in an interview that he had no romantic intentions toward Mary.

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In response to the widespread coverage of Mary’s revelations, Eugene shared his perspective by stating, “Nipa Bi Y3 Cobra” and posted pictures of himself exuding style and confidence.

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