NSMQ Mistress In Trouble For Jabbing Other Schools In Favour Of PRESEC-Legon

Professor Elsie Effah Kaufman, the overseer of the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ), has generated online debate due to her remarks about other schools following PRESEC’s victory. According to her, while other institutions concentrate on music and dance, PRESEC-Legon distinguishes itself by prioritizing quiz programs. In an interview on Starr FM, Prof Kaufman underscored the significance of this proactive stance, attributing it to PRESEC-Legon’s consistent qualifications and victories in the national quiz. Additionally, she observed that contestants from the school seem to commence their preparations even before their enrollment.

“It seems as if their contestants are preparing even before they get to the school. So a young JHS student is watching this program and they decide they are going to go to this school,” she said.

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“These days there are all kinds of quiz programmes and they are watching them so by the time they get to PRESEC, they have a head start.”

Drawing a sharp contrast, Prof Kaufman questioned the strategies of other schools, particularly a girls school that selects contestants after mock exams in their final year.

“Compare this to a girl school who is picking their contestants after mock, in final year, are they on the same field,” she stated.

She observed that some schools place more emphasis on singing and dancing than on preparing students for quizzes in order to predict success.

“So there are structures at Presec right now, I’m sure they have several different teams and they didn’t start this just yesterday, they have their first year team. “A lot of them went to Presec they wanted to be on the team, so I’m sure they have a lot of first year teams. And other schools are singing and dancing, people are doing quiz programmes in the school,” she added.

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However, the Arts and Tourism Writers Association of Ghana (ATWAG) has addressed the issue and demanded a sincere apology from Professor Elsie Effah Kaufmann, the National Science and Math Quiz (NSMQ) moderator, for her recent remarks on Starr FM.

The President of ATWAG also adds that “in light of the rapid advancements in AI and technology, it becomes even more crucial to emphasize the importance of the Arts. These fields provide the emotional and imaginative aspects that AI cannot replicate. They contribute to the fabric of our society and enhance our overall well-being.”

ATWAG, therefore, requests that Professor Elsie reflects on the unintended consequences of her statement and acknowledge the insult it carries towards schools and individuals who prioritise the arts and humanities.

“It is essential to respect and appreciate the diverse talents and interests of students in all fields of study,” the statement indicates.

The group that represents writers in the tourism, arts and culture industries also seeks an apology from the Quiz Mistress.

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“Moreover, we urge you to consider issuing a public apology to demonstrate your accountability and respect for all students, regardless of their academic pursuits. By doing so, you will help foster an inclusive and supportive environment that celebrates the contributions of both Science and the Arts.

We also call upon Primetime Limited, the producers of the show, to address this matter promptly and ensure that all participants and viewers feel valued and respected,” the group further requests.

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