Ohemaa Mercy shares the biggest testimony that has come to her attention since the inception of Tehillah Experience

Famed gospel vocalist Ohemaa Mercy has recounted a remarkable story from a previous installment of her annual Tehillah Experience concert, which came to her attention recently.

During an interview with Cookie Tee on TV3 New Day, the artist, well-known for her deeply moving performances, shared the account of a mother who had witnessed her son grapple with the inability to walk for a challenging span of two years.

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This mother, much like numerous others across the globe, had found comfort and motivation in the online broadcasts of Tehillah’s worship sessions, tuning in from distant locations such as the United Kingdom or the United States.

She shared, “There is this lady that gave birth to a son and for two years, he wasn’t walking so I think somewhere last two years, they were watching one of the Tehilla experiences online.”

As the Tehillah event unfolded through the digital medium, the atmosphere was charged with fervent worship and passionate devotion.

“I think in the UK or US whiles the program was going on, they were screaming and worshipping and the son also got up and was also jumping. Just like that,” she disclosed.

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In a manner marked by reverence and humility, Ohemaa Mercy urged Christians to grasp and value the celestial dynamics that come into play when individuals come together for worship.

“Cookie I want people to realise that there is something about worship that we’ve missed a lot and I want God to give me the wisdom to take people through and people to understand that there is so much power and presence under the atmosphere of worship,” she said.

Furthermore, Ohemaa Mercy unveiled her personal spiritual practice – a lifestyle centered around continuous praise and worship, resulting in her receiving answers within a remarkably short timeframe of 24 to 72 hours.

“It’s been my lifestyle to praise God and worship constantly for 24 hours or more and latest by 72 hours, I get my response for something I need,” she added.

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