Ohemaa Mercy elaborates on why she said taking selfies during worship is a curse

Gospel sensation Ohemaa Mercy has clarified her stance on why she believes it is a curse to take videos or selfies in church during worship sessions.

In her explanation, she compared the act to meeting a king, where there are certain etiquettes and behaviors one must observe. Similarly, when worshipping before the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, one should refrain from diverting focus to social media or other distractions. Ohemaa Mercy expressed that this lack of reverence disrespects the sacred atmosphere and the divine presence one is before.

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The gospel singer supported her viewpoint by highlighting that even high-class individuals in society are treated with respect, let alone God, who is the creator of the universe.

She shared an experience from an event she attended a few years ago, which further strengthened her belief that such practices during worship can cause people to miss out on their blessings.

“Worship was actually going on when the Lord opened my eyes and I saw empty chairs. There was a lady that came in, and on her chair before she came in, I saw an angel with a baby. So, when I held the microphone, I asked the lady if she was having an issue of not conceiving, and she said yes, and I said I saw an angel holding a baby, but unfortunately, you didn’t come to worship, and when you came, you weren’t serious, so the angel went away with your baby,” she narrated.

Ohemaa Mercy clarified that media personnel covering worship sessions might be an exception to this belief, as it is part of their job and can be considered as part of the gospel ministry.

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“It is their work that they’ve been assigned to do. That is different from you, who is there on a mission or purpose, and God even sees them as the work that they’re doing,” she asserted.

Despite that, she strongly urged all Christians to avoid taking personal videos and selfies during worship to maintain focus and allow themselves to be truly touched by God.

Currently, Ohemaa Mercy is preparing for the 10th edition of her Tehillah Experience concert, scheduled to take place on August 13, 2023, at the Oil Dome, Royalhouse Chapel International. The event, themed ‘Fire and Fragrance,’ will feature renowned gospel musicians, and the gospel musician is confident that it will have a profound impact on the audience.

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