Black Sherif is being sued for $100,000 by Cruise People Limited for breach of contract.

The Cruise People Limited, the company involved in an ongoing contractual dispute with Ghanaian musician Black Sherif, has officially taken legal action against him for allegedly violating the terms of their agreement.

The lawsuit, filed at the High Court, claims that Black Sherif failed to fulfill his obligations under the contract, leading to the cancellation of the Afro Cruise Jam concert, which was scheduled for August.

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According to the plaintiff, they had booked Black Sherif for the cruise event and paid half of his booking fee ($20,000). They expected him to create a video confirming his participation in the Greece-based event, but he reportedly did not fulfill this requirement. As a result, the booking was canceled, and the company suffered a loss of $18,000 for securing cabins on the cruise ship.

The event organizers argue that Black Sherif’s failure to confirm his participation had a detrimental impact on the entire event, as his presence was crucial for attracting attendees.

They believe that his actions constituted a significant breach of the agreement, justifying their decision to take legal action.

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In their lawsuit, Cruise People Limited seeks the return of the $20,000 booking fee and $18,000 to cover the lost cabin booking costs. They also demand interest on the $20,000 from April 18, 2023, until the date of the final payment. Additionally, they are pursuing $50,000 in lost profits resulting from the alleged breach of contract.

Below are the reliefs being sought by the plaintiff:

a. An Order directed at the Defendant to pay the Plaintiff USD20, 000.00 being the part payment of the fee paid to the Defendant;

b. Payment of interest on the USD20, 000.00 from the 18th April, 2023 up to the date of final payment;

c. An Order directed at the Defendant to pay the Plaintiff USD18, 000.00 being the money lost in securing the cabins in the cruise ship;

d. An Order directed at the Defendant to pay the Plaintiff USD50,000.00 being lost profits occasioned by the Defendant’s breach of the agreement;

e.An Order directed at the Defendant to pay to the Plaintiff the Ghc65, 000.00 which was paid to the Multimedia Group with the sole purpose of advertising the video clip of the Defendant which the Defendant refused to make available;

General damages for breach of contract;

g. Costs inclusive of legal fees.

h. Any other reliefs the Honourable Court deems fit.

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Background of the the story

On the evening of July 19, 2023, Mohammed Ismail Sharrif, also known as Black Sherif, was reportedly arrested at Kotoka International Airport (KIA).

According to social media reports on Wednesday, the singer of “Kweku The Traveller” was taken from the airport to the police headquarters in Accra due to an alleged breach of contract related to a show he was supposed to perform in Greece.

Sources close to the musician confirmed that he had been booked for the event and had initially received a deposit of $20,000.

Amidst threats of cancellation and potential lawsuits, the singer’s agents decided to refund the initial deposit. However, the event organizer insisted on being reimbursed $50,000 instead.

In response, Black Sherif’s agents believed the demand was unfair and not in line with the original agreement.

The CEO of Cruise People Limited, Daniel Vanderpuye, maintained that creating a promotional video was one of Black Sherif’s contractual obligations.

Although the artist failed to provide the video, his team expressed willingness to make any necessary adjustments or proposals to comply with the agreement.

As the legal proceedings unfold, both parties are awaiting a resolution to this unfortunate situation that will determine the outcome of the dispute.

The implications of this case could be far-reaching for the Ghanaian music industry, prompting discussions about contractual standards and professionalism within the sector.

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