Paul Cafcae’s “Banks of Marble”- a true tune

Paul Cafcae’s latest single, “Banks of Marble,” is a rallying cry against inequality and the erosion of democratic rights, inspired by the struggles of working people across Canada. The song, released on May 10, 2024, combines folk influences from both Eastern Europe and North America to deliver a message that hits close to home.

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The lyrics, rooted in the folk tradition and drawing inspiration from Pete Seeger’s rendition of “The Banks Are Made of Marble,” echo themes of labor rights and social justice. Cafcae’s songwriting reflects a deep concern for the widening gap between workers and employers, with a call for greater union representation to address these disparities.

Musically, “Banks of Marble” weaves together elements of southern and northern Americana styles, building up in intensity like a fire igniting. The dynamic rhythm mirrors the simmering tension between labor and capital, culminating in a stirring march-like rhythm in the final chorus—a nod to revolutionary fervor.

Cafcae’s bandmates shine on this track, with Ethan Tilbury’s deft upright bass anchoring the groove alongside Diana Herrera’s precise drumming. The production, helmed by Andy Dmytryshyn at School House Studios in Hamilton, Ontario, captures the song’s raw energy, while Jamie King’s mastering ensures a polished finish.

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The cover art, featuring a photo by Jessie Ciccarelli, encapsulates the spirit of the song—speaking to the resilience and determination of those fighting for a fairer world. “Banks of Marble” is a call to action, a reminder of the power of music to inspire change in challenging times.









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