Planting for Food and Jobs has reduced kenkey prices – Bryan Acheampong

Minister for Food and Agriculture, Dr. Bryan Acheampong has said is a notable decline in kenkey prices due to the abundance of maize in the market.

According to him, this is a result of the successful implementation of the Planting for Food and Jobs (PFJ) Programme.

In an interview on the Citi TV on Wednesday, March 13, the Abetifi Member of Parliament noted a general decline in kenkey prices nationwide, with some areas seeing an average price as low as 2 cedis.

Dr. Acheampong emphasized collaborative efforts with companies like Yara to enhance rice production, resulting in rice surpluses across various regions.

He also highlighted a surplus of maize contributing to the reduction in kenkey prices.

Dr. Acheampong also assured the public of the government’s success in curbing food inflation nationwide.

“There is a lot of maize out there too and if you look at the price of maize on the market, it tells you that there is a lot of it out there and that is why the price of Kenkey is going down. The average is about 2 cedis and 3 cedis. I can get you kenkey for 2 cedis, I can get you kenkey for 4 cedis, I can get you kenkey for 5 cedis,” he said.

Encouraging farmers to engage in the registration process, Mr. Acheampong emphasized the importance of boosting food production and advancing agriculture with the PFJ Phase 2.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Agriculture inaugurated a nationwide registration of farmers, marking the initiation of the second phase of the Planting for Food and Jobs Programme (PFJ Phase 2).


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