“PROKLAIM’s ‘PROMISED LAND’ – A Hip-Hop Gem You Won’t Want to Miss”

Released on July 27th, 2022, PROKLAIM’s “PROMISED LAND” is a sonic throwback to the golden era of hip-hop, reminiscent of the soul sample-based boom bap beats that defined the sound of Slum Village, early Kanye West, and Talib Kweli. As a solo rap artist, PROKLAIM delivers a masterclass in lyrical dexterity, weaving a narrative that’s both candid and entertaining.

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Recorded at Pen Pushaz Entertainment and mixed and mastered at Audio Art Namibia, “PROMISED LAND” is a testament to PROKLAIM’s skillful storytelling and poetic prowess. With wit and proverb-like lyrics, he tackles various life topics, from personal struggles to societal observations, all while maintaining a laid-back, effortless flow.

The production is a loving homage to the classic boom bap sound, with a haunting soul sample and a driving beat that’s sure to transport listeners back to the early 2000s. PROKLAIM’s rhymes are both deeply personal and universally relatable, making “PROMISED LAND” a must-listen for fans of underground hip-hop.

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If you’re a fan of classic boom bap, lyrical hip-hop, and artists like J. Cole, Logic, and MF DOOM, then “PROMISED LAND” is a must-listen. PROKLAIM’s solo effort is a refreshing addition to the modern hip-hop landscape, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store next.

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