Serwaa Amihere Finally Addresses Pregnancy Rumors And Reveals The Mystery Behind Her Big Tummy

Multiple award-winning Serwaa Amihere, a broadcast journalist and entrepreneur, has finally decided to reveal the mystery behind her big stomach.
Serwaa Amihere went viral after a video of her looking pregnant at the launch of her clothing line went viral. There were several rumors that she was heavily pregnant.

Serwaa, who was wearing her signature alluring smile with a filter and a pleated silk shirt, set the record straight in a Snapchat video, saying she was “not pregnant yet.”

“You guys, I’ve seen a lot of comments from people asking if I’m pregnant. I’m sure the rumour that Serwaa is pregnant will resurface. “I’m sorry, but I’m not pregnant right now.” she stated

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According to the GHONE TV host, she had recently experienced excessive bloating and was currently undergoing a diet and exercise regimen to alleviate it.

“My stomach has just grown very large, and I’m working on it.” “I started dieting and exercising yesterday, so no, I am not pregnant, so please stop spreading rumors,” she said.

Oh My Hair co-owner and Office & Co founder S.A may not be planning on becoming a mother just yet, but she has some experience in that role as an auntie and second mother to her niece.

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