The Almas II by THE ALMAS

The Almas, a nationally recognized hard rock band hailing from New Munster, Wisconsin, comprise Crystal Teigland as lead vocalist, Frank Slifka as founding member and lead guitarist, Josh Sukowski as guitarist, and Andrew Ehredt on drums.

With a blend of guitar-driven melodies, gritty attitudes, and electrifying live performances, The Almas embody the raw essence of Rock n’ Roll infused with a contemporary flair. Collaborating with Kile Odell, a top-ranking producer on the Active Rock charts, The Almas unleash their latest EP, ‘The Almas II’, bringing their artistic vision to fruition.

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In 2022 alone, the band embarked on a rigorous tour covering over 39,000 miles across the United States, delivering nearly 100 shows in a nation still in recovery.

Managed by KES Network from Chicago, IL, The Almas are currently embarked on a major television tour across the US, promoting their hit single “Crowns”, with a new release scheduled for mid-May 2024.

Their official website, The Almas | Official Site, serves as a hub for connecting with their dedicated fanbase.

Frank Slifka emphasizes the band’s ethos of mutual support: “The existence of this band has always been about helping each other—whether it’s through inspiration, delivering a positive message, or simply creating an entertaining escape from life’s challenges.”

Since their formation in 2016, The Almas have launched a self-titled EP and two full-length albums, ‘Back To Bad’ and ‘Truth Sells’. They’ve shared the stage with renowned artists such as Saliva, Slipknot, Ice Nine Kills, Falling in Reverse, Buckcherry, Royal Bliss, Saving Abel, Eva Under Fire, and have toured alongside Smile Empty Soul.

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Their excellence in rock music was recognized by the JOSIE Music Awards, where they were honored as Rock Band of the Year in 2023.

Looking forward, Frank expresses excitement about their upcoming inaugural UK promotional tour in July 2024. Additionally, The Almas are lauded for their unwavering dedication to mental health awareness, actively supporting various veteran events, notably Rock 2 Stop 22.

The Almas stand as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between the band and its fans—existing for and because of their devoted audience.


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