Truecaller Introduces Live Caller ID for iPhone Users

Truecaller recently announced a new feature called live caller ID for iPhone customers in India. This function, as the name implies, discloses the identity of the caller on the screen to the user. The Stockholm-based company has over 38 million users. When users get an unknown call on their Android phone, Truecaller quickly reveals the caller’s identify on the calling screen. On the iPhone, things work differently. When an unknown number calls an iOS device, customers must use Siri to learn the caller ID. ‘Hey Siri, Search Truecaller,’ they must say, and Siri will reveal the user’s live caller ID.

The Truecaller app’s Live Caller ID is a premium feature, and iPhone users must purchase a premium subscription to use it. TrueCaller offers two subscription categories in India: Premium and Gold Premium. A premium subscription for an individual member costs Rs. 529 per year or Rs. 179 for three months, while a Gold plan costs Rs. 5,000 per year.

The app has grown in popularity among smartphone users. Nonetheless, the corporation has been chastised in the past for the way it gathers data for its caller ID service.

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According to a story published last year in the Indian magazine The Caravan, Truecaller data was “composed of details that were collected without consent.” The Swedish corporation, on the other hand, denied the allegations, arguing that the research was flawed and based on incorrect information.

According to a TechCrunch story, Truecaller’s product director for iOS, Nakul Kabra, stated that the app has had little experience with iOS devices due to how Apple works with third-party caller ID apps.

Truecaller’s current call-identification framework is limited to a small number of numbers stored in directories in Apple’s CallKit framework and selected by Truecaller’s spam algorithm. Other numbers that aren’t saved locally will have to be found manually, he explains.

The solution makes advantage of Apple’s Siri Shortcuts and App Intents to give the desired live caller ID experience. Users must first enable the Search Truecaller shortcut on their iPhone devices by going to the Premium menu and selecting the Add to Siri option. The first time the shortcut is used, the user will be prompted to allow Truecaller to search the screenshots obtained by the shortcut.

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