UK Govt Relaxes Visa Rules to Attract Foreign Workers


The UK government has relaxed visa rules to combat labor shortages in the construction industry. This article explores the benefits for specific construction roles, the rationale behind the decision, and the impact of Brexit on labor migration.

The UK government has implemented new measures to address labour shortages in the construction industry by relaxing visa rules, enabling the recruitment of foreign workers.

In this article, we will explore the details of the revised regulations, the benefits they offer to specific construction roles, and the rationale behind the decision.

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Revised Visa Rules to Attract Foreign Workers

To assist construction companies in filling vacant positions, the UK government has introduced more flexible visa rules for foreign workers. These changes are aimed at easing the recruitment process for specific construction roles, including;

  • Bricklayers
  • Masons
  • Roofers
  • Roof Tilers
  • Slaters
  • Carpenters
  • Joiners, and
  • Plasterers

The revised visa rules aim to attract foreign workers by offering more relaxed employment criteria, cheaper visas, and benefits for shortage occupations.

1. English Language Requirement: Applicants must meet an English language requirement in addition to having a job offer from an employer.

2. Lower Visa Fees for Shortage Occupations: Those working in shortage occupations, including construction jobs, pay lower visa fees.

3. Visa Eligibility and Payment: Workers in shortage occupations can be paid 80% of the job’s usual rate and still qualify for a visa.

4. Regular Review of Shortage Occupation List: The shortage occupation list is reviewed every six months to ensure its relevance, with another review expected by the autumn.

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Benefits of the New Regulations

Under the updated regulations, individuals applying for these construction roles will enjoy advantages such as reduced visa costs and relaxed employment criteria. However, applicants must still fulfil certain requirements, including obtaining a job offer from an employer and meeting the English language proficiency standard.

Addressing Labor Shortages

Due to acute labour shortages in certain sectors, the UK is experiencing a pressing need for skilled workers. By extending the shortage occupation list to include construction jobs, the government aims to bridge the labour gap, facilitate national infrastructure projects, and stimulate growth in related industries.

This decision aligns with the recommendations made by the independent Migration Advisory Committee in March.

Brexit and its Impact on Labor Shortages

Critics argue that the UK’s exit from the European Union has exacerbated labour shortages, as EU citizens can no longer freely travel to work in Britain without visas, as was previously possible.

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The changes to the visa rules for construction workers reflect an effort to counterbalance these challenges and ensure a steady supply of skilled labour in the industry.

Managing Migration and Ensuring Economic Stability

Net migration to Britain reached a record high of 606,000 last year, prompting the government to pledge a reduction in arrivals. By incentivizing foreign workers to fill shortage occupations, the government can manage migration flows effectively while addressing labour needs within the construction sector.


With the relaxation of visa rules for foreign workers in the construction industry, the UK government aims to tackle labour shortages and bolster national infrastructure projects. By incorporating construction jobs into the shortage occupation list, the government seeks to stimulate growth in related industries while addressing the challenges posed by Brexit.

These measures serve as a strategic response to ensure a steady supply of skilled workers and maintain economic stability in the construction sector.

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