Who Is Obaapa Gladys, Composer Of Viral Song ‘Nipa No Bi Y3 Cobra’

Obaapa Gladys is the creative force behind the widely acclaimed gospel hit, “Nipa Bi Y3 Cobra.” This song, characterized by its humorous lyrics and the captivating vocals of the gospel singer, has given rise to a trend where individuals enthusiastically share videos playfully emulating the song’s profound message.

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Obaapa Gladys, the gifted composer responsible for the gospel sensation “Cobra,” has expressed her deep appreciation to the people of Ghana for their steadfast support of her music. Her song garnered immense popularity on social media platforms, particularly on TikTok, owing to its amusing lyrics and Obaapa’s unique vocal delivery. This infectious melody set off a trend, with social media enthusiasts utilizing the song as a backdrop to craft humorous videos that effectively conveyed the song’s underlying message.

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