Ghana Movie Is Not Dead – Nikki Samonas

Ghanaian actress and filmmaker, Nikki Samonas, asserts that the film industry is currently experiencing a resurgence, despite the challenges it faced during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. She elaborated on the difficulties encountered while shooting films during this period.

Nevertheless, Nikki Samonas stressed that the movie industry is now receiving support from investors in terms of advertising. She made these remarks during an exclusive preview of Patoranking’s upcoming album, “World Best,” where she explained that movies often receive less attention compared to music because “music is ubiquitous and readily available, flowing effortlessly like water, while movies are more subtle and grounded, not as vociferous as music.”

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When questioned about whether she agreed with the notion that the movie industry has slowed down, she responded, “How? No, when did that happen? Right now, it’s on the upswing. I mean, it faced a significant downturn after COVID; in fact, it hit rock bottom because it was challenging for us to recover.”

“Now, with a lot of corporate investment and investors, especially Akwaaba Magic, and a lot of investors coming on board because now we are using digitization to market the movies so I think it has picked up tremendously,” Nikki said.

Nikki stated during an interview with JoyNews’ Becky on Sunday, September 3. She also mentioned that she has three upcoming projects with Akwaaba Magic on DSTV and highlighted the premiere of “Coming to Africa 2,” a film in which she co-starred with Nana Ama McBrown and Gloria Sarfo.

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On a different note, Beverly Afaglo Baah recently expressed her concern that there hasn’t been much progress in Ghana’s film industry in recent years. Joining the chorus of actors lamenting the industry’s decline, Afaglo cited a lack of funding and limited access to necessary resources as major contributing factors. She also raised the issue of private investors in the film industry who invest but see little return on their investments, as discussed on UTV’s Showbiz Night.

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