I was very happy to hear that Grammy has recognised Afrobeats even if I’m not nominated – Kelvyn Boy

Afrobeats artist Kelvyn Boy expressed his joy and appreciation for the recognition of African music at the prestigious Grammy Awards.

He specifically mentioned his enthusiasm for the newly introduced Best African Music Performance category, which encompasses various genres such as Afrobeat, Afro-fusion, Afro-Pop, Afrobeats, Alte, Amapiano, and more.

Kelvyn Boy, a talented musician known for his artistic abilities, expressed his happiness over the inclusion of African music as a whole. He recognized the strides made by African music and viewed the new category as a significant step in elevating African music on the global stage.

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Speaking on TV3 New Day, the ‘MEA’ singer shared his happiness, stating, “I was very happy to hear the news. I don’t necessarily need to be nominated in the Afrobeats category, the fact that African music is recognized now is enough.”

Additionally, Kelvyn Boy hinted at exciting upcoming projects that could potentially lead to Grammy nominations in the future.

“There was a time Afrobeats was added to the thing but it doesn’t necessarily have to be me but the fact that Africa is there that’s it,” he revealed.

Kelvyn Boy also took the opportunity to reveal some exciting news about his upcoming projects which could also land him a nomination in the Grammys in the future.

He announced that his highly anticipated EP will be released on July 16, featuring tracks like “Vero.” which is currently enjoying massive airplay.

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Titled “For the Culture” with a K, the EP , he said is an ode to Ghanaian culture and his commitment to incorporating African culture into his music.

Kelvyn Boy explained, “I feel like whatever we do, we need to add ‘Amamre’. If you go back to my old projects, the last one was ‘Black Star,’ so I always incorporate our culture in there somewhere.”

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