KELSIE KIMBERLIN’s original single “Twinkle”

In celebration of Pride Month, Kelsie Kimberlin releases her empowering single “Twinkle”, a heartwarming tribute to transgender youth and a powerful stance against discrimination. Inspired by the courageous story of 12-year-old Dempsey Jara, “Twinkle” is a vibrant celebration of love, acceptance, and the joy of being true to oneself.

The music video, marking Kelsie’s directorial debut, beautifully captures the infectious energy and spirit of Dempsey as they spend a fun-filled day together in Orlando, Florida. Interspersed with archival footage of Dempsey’s supportive family environment, the video showcases the importance of love, acceptance, and nurturing for all children to thrive.

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In a time when transgender youth face vilification and erasure, “Twinkle” is a defiant declaration of pride and acceptance. Kelsie’s message of breaking down walls of ignorance and prejudice is a call to action for a more inclusive and loving society.

With its catchy melody and inspiring lyrics, “Twinkle” is not only a celebration of transgender youth but also a testament to the power of music in promoting understanding and acceptance. “Twinkle” is available on all global music platforms, and the heartwarming video is on YouTube.

The video’s joyful and natural portrayal of Dempsey’s energy and spirit, combined with Kelsie’s powerful message, makes “Twinkle” an unforgettable experience.

If you’re a fan of artists like Lady Gaga, Troye Sivan, or anyone who’s ever used their voice for LGBTQ+ advocacy, you won’t want to miss “Twinkle”. Let’s spread love, acceptance, and support for all individuals, regardless of gender identity or expression!

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