Kuame Eugene Rejects Samini’s ‘International Appeal’ Comment

Kuame Eugene has responded to Samini’s recent remark regarding his limited international appeal. During an appearance on Deloris Frimpong Manso’s Delay Show, Kuami Eugene was questioned about the possibility of taking advice from Samini to rebrand his music for a broader international audience.

In a decisive manner, Kuami Eugene asserted that he would not entertain such a suggestion. He clarified that altering his sound to sound more international would mean compromising the authenticity of his highlife music, something he is unwilling to do.

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The Rockstar firmly stated that, despite respecting Samini’s perspective, he has already established a unique brand that has resonated with international audiences, achieving success. Consequently, he affirmed his commitment to resisting any advice that contradicts his artistic vision.

Samini stirred controversy with his recent comment about Kuame Eugene’s perceived lack of international appeal. During an interview with Berla Mundi on TV3, Samini expressed admiration for Kuame Eugene’s talent but stressed that he lacks global recognition.

When asked to choose between KiDi and Kuame Eugene, Samini confidently picked KiDi, asserting that KiDi possesses a greater international appeal compared to Eugene, who is more renowned locally.

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