Only desperate actors sleep with producers in order to secure movie roles – Ruby Ojiakor

Ruby Ojiakor, a Nollywood actress, claims that only actresses yearning for stardom sleep with movie producers in exchange for a movie role.
This was mentioned by the mother of one in a recent interview while discussing the prevalence of sexual harassment and sex-for-roles in the film industry.
Only those who want to be renowned by any means, she claims, allow themselves to be used by shady producers to gratify their need.

“It’s great when an actress is talented and knows what she’s doing,” she remarked. Many of the girls who prefer to sleep with filmmakers are not particularly talented.

“They’re just desperate to become overnight celebrities.” Even if one does not sleep with filmmakers, if one is not desperate and keeps praying to God, one will acquire movie jobs. In such a circumstance, the filmmakers will have no choice because the person is excellent.

“It is critical for actresses to constantly work on themselves. They will always find work after they have done so. Despite declining sexual advances from producers, I continue to receive calls.”
Ruby went on to describe her unpleasant encounter with a movie producer who wanted to sleep with her in exchange for a role.

“I remember being called for a job in Enugu and shooting for two days.” I was meant to play the female lead in the film.

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“The job’s marketing director wanted to ‘get down’ with me. But I informed him that I couldn’t do it.I assumed that since I had begun filming some sequences in the film, nothing could be done to me and that he could not cancel my portions, which I had shot with Ghanaian actor Majid Michel at the time.

“I also felt Majid would not want to re-act the scenes he had done before. Because of these circumstances, I assumed that the producer’s decision to change me would be futile.

But, much to my surprise, I was not asked back to finish my scenes.

“When I challenged the production manager, he told me not to be upset because someone else had been cast in the role.” I was not provided a reason for my dismissal from that project.

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“When I asked if Majid agreed to re-shoot those scenes, he said he was paid extra to do so.”

“That’s how I lost a movie role because I refused to sleep with the movie’s owner.” The scenes I had already shot were cut from the film. That was a harrowing event, but I’ve moved on.”

On how to combat sex-for-role, the Enugu-born actress remarked that she does not believe it can be eradicated and that it is up to actresses to maintain high standards and refuse to sleep with film directors.

“I don’t believe there is anything that can be done to prevent sexual advances from filmmakers.” Some people have attempted to report them, but no positive results have been obtained.

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“When an actress reports a criminal, she practically sets herself up for failure.”

“The offenders know who they are, and if one person reports any of them, the industry will band together against that actress, and she will not be getting movie roles.”

It’s exactly like a cartel. The greatest thing to do is to train oneself and be firm that one will not do it even if others do. “That’s what I did,” Ruby Ojiakor claimed.

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