Quello che Resta by Logeion: a tune you shouldn’t miss

Loġeion, a dynamic Italian rock and progressive band hailing from Rome, has been making waves since their inception in 2019.

Formed by Marco Capotosto and Lorenzo Vitale, two musicians with a shared passion for exploring heavier, more articulated sounds, Loġeion’s journey truly began when they crossed paths with Luca Lenzini through mutual friends who was himself wrapping up a previous project, upon hearing some of His unreleased tracks, it immediately resonate with what their journey was about.

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United by friendship and a shared musical vision, Loġeion burst onto the scene with their debut single “G.I.C.P.P” in 2021, followed by their inaugural album “ATTO PRIMO” in 2022. However, it was the release of their second single, “Quello che Resta,” towards the end of 2023, that truly catapulted the band into the spotlight.

“Quello che Resta” encapsulates the essence of Loġeion’s musical journey—a journey marked by introspection, raw emotion, and unyielding authenticity. The lyrics, penned with honesty, delve into themes of vulnerability, and the relentless pursuit of meaning in a world fraught with uncertainty, with phrases like:
“It’s a pathetic thought, I know
But he doesn’t leave me alone
Thus the heart never dies
And I stay in the air”

Against a backdrop of intricate instrumentation and soaring melodies, the haunting vocals of Luca Lenzini breathe life into the profound lyrics of “Quello che Resta.” Each verse is steeped in profound introspection, offering listeners a glimpse into the innermost depths of the human experience.

The song’s evocative chorus reverberates with a sense of longing and acceptance, as if embracing the inevitable twists and turns of fate with open arms. Through poignant imagery and soul-stirring melodies, Loġeion invites listeners on a cathartic journey of self-discovery and redemption.

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As Loġeion continues to evolve and gain momentum, “Quello che Resta” serves as a promising chapter in their musical odyssey, hinting at even greater heights to come.

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