Stop calling yourself a self-made business tycoon; you would have been nothing without NPP – Senyo Hosi fires Ken Agyapong

The former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors (CBOD), Mr. Senyo Hosi, has criticized Kennedy Agyapong, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central.

In a statement, Mr. Hosi emphasized that Ken Agyapong should refrain from labeling himself as a self-made business magnate. Contrary to what the aspiring flagbearer wants people in Ghana to believe, Hosi pointed out that Agyapong’s wealth originates from public funds and political favoritism.

According to Mr. Senyo Hosi, if it weren’t for lucrative contracts granted to Ken Agyapong and his affiliation with the New Patriotic Party (NPP), he wouldn’t have attained his current status.

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“PS: Stop calling yourself some self-made business tycoon. Your wealth is rooted in public money and political patronage. The many fat contracts awarded you directly and indirectly from the times of Kufour to date for little gratitude and in response to your bullying and threats, made the you we see today. You are and would have been nothing but for the same NPP you wish to showdown with,” Senyo Hosi said in his statement.

The former CBOD CEO continued, “Show gratitude to those who have privileged you. If you wish to know who a true tycoon is, look for Kwabena Adjei (Kasapreko), Edward Effah (Fidelity), Ibrahim Mahama (Engineers & Planners), Dr. Ofori Sarpong (Special Ice), Togbe Afede, Tony Oteng Gyasi (Tropical Cable), Kofi Abban (RigWorld), Kwame Bamfo (Sikkens), John Osei-Wusu (JP), Dan Okudzeto (Allied Oil), Andrew Takyi-Appiah (Zeepay), etc.”

Read the full statement from Senyo Hosi below:

Heh! Kennedy, Gyae Ruff; you called farmers fools but now

– Senyo Hosi calls out Ken Agyapong for promising farming after calling farmers fools

I just came across an article on and I nearly fell off my seat. Did Kennedy Agyapong really say, “If you vote me today or elect me as President of Ghana, I will use the five regions of the north, Afram and Accra plains to feed the whole of Africa”?

Hosi expressed his surprise at the behavior of politicians, noting the public’s gullibility and short memory. He called out Agyapong’s contradictory stance, highlighting how he derided hardworking Ghanaians engaged in agriculture as “fools” but now claims that Ghana will lead in feeding Africa under his potential presidency.

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Additionally, Hosi questioned Agyapong’s track record, mentioning his influential position in politics since 2001 and the lack of substantial efforts to reform agricultural policy for the benefit of Ghanaians. He also expressed his discontent about Agyapong’s prior divisive remarks regarding certain ethnic groups and raised concerns about his sudden interest in the Volta region and Accra, suggesting ulterior motives.

Moreover, Mr. Hosi drew from his own agricultural challenges, stressing the importance of appropriate policies for the success of agriculture. He criticized Agyapong for only contributing negativity and insults in the past, while now attempting to position himself as a leader.

In conclusion, Hosi highlighted that Agyapong’s wealth is primarily a result of substantial contracts acquired through political connections and not due to individual business acumen. He asserted that Agyapong owes his current stature largely to the NPP and wouldn’t have achieved similar success otherwise.

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Those who know, know. Massa, Gyae Ruff!
NB: I beg start showing up in court and stop running away from my case. Tell your lawyer to stop the delay tactics for as my Ga people will say, ‘kɛ okɛ oyaa Korle, oba ya’ (whether you like it or not, you will go into the Korle).

Senyo K. Hosi (You know where to find me)

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