The iPhone 15 Pro models may be retaining the two-button volume control design

The iPhone 15 series is set to be released later this year, with four variants: the normal iPhone 15, the iPhone 15 Plus, the iPhone 15 Pro, and the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which could debut as the ‘Ultra’ model this year. While Apple never releases specifications for its upcoming series of flagship smartphones before they are announced, there have been numerous leaks and reports about the handsets in recent weeks.

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A pair of new sources have provided some significant data regarding the series’ Pro versions. According to MacRumors, Apple intends to return to a two button design for the iPhone 15 Pro models — both the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max — rather than the one unified volume button previously rumored to exist on Apple’s future flagship phones. The unified volume button was initially meant for solid-state technology, but Apple has apparently decided to stick with the older design now that solid-state buttons have been delayed in order to stay on schedule. According to the rumor, despite the fact that Apple is still utilizing the original two-button volume control design, the company aims to replace the mute switch with a new mute button. According to reports, the mute button will be customized in the same way.

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The renders in the story depict the design that Apple wanted to use before deciding to forgo solid-state buttons, as well as the design that Apple intended to use throughout the majority of the iPhone 15 Pro development phase. This is most likely the design Apple will use for the iPhone 16 Pro models, which are expected to be the first to have solid-state button technology rather than the iPhone 15 Pro models.

According to the report, the extra buttons would necessitate the installation of three new haptics engines within the iPhones.

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