I wanted to be a caterer but there was no money to send me to a vocational school – Empress Gifty

Renowned Gospel artist, Empress Gifty, has shared that during her upbringing, her aspiration was to become a caterer, but her family’s financial circumstances prevented her from pursuing that dream.

During an interview with Giovanni Caleb and AJ Sarpong on the 3FM Drive, the gospel singer unveiled that she had envisioned a career as a caterer, but her mother’s financial constraints led her to work as a housemaid for her mother’s acquaintance.

Despite being actively engaged in church activities, her role as a housemaid hindered her from fully dedicating herself to serving in the church.

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Empress Gifty explained that her employers were often unsupportive when she sought to attend church programs. Consequently, she discussed her desire to leave this position with her mother.

The Gospel artist emphasized that she obtained her mother’s consent, albeit with a condition attached.

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Empress Gifty proceeded to discuss her latest song, ‘Awiey3 Pa’, which she described as a reflection of her life’s journey. She encouraged listeners not to lose hope regardless of the challenges they face and to maintain their trust in God.

Furthermore, Empress Gifty expressed that she does not check her husband’s phone and advised applying wisdom in marital relationships.

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