I’m not proud of how I used my social media for trolling – Kidi

Ghanaian singer-songwriter KiDi has admitted that he feels remorseful about his past actions of trolling on social media. Reflecting on his younger years, he acknowledges that at around 19 or 20 years old, he used his social media platform to engage in negative behavior, making careless and hurtful remarks without fully realizing the consequences.

 “I was probably 19, 20. Social media wasn’t what it is right now. Those times, you come to social media to come and say trash and go your way.”

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“I take full accountability and responsibility for that. I’m not proud of that but I’ve come to also realize that the people we are right now, however old you are, is not how you came into this world. There’s a lot of experiences you’ve gone through to learn and grow to become the adult you are,” he stated.

During that time, social media was not as influential and prevalent as it is today, and he admits that he used it as an outlet to say things that he now regrets. KiDi acknowledges that such experiences can serve as valuable lessons that lead to personal growth and maturity.

“Unfortunately, this was my foolish youthful days but I went through that and I’m proud that I’m no longer this kind of person. I’ve had to learn the hard way that this is unacceptable and I’m happy with the man that I am right now because I am a great guy,” he mentioned.

Speaking in an interview with Cookie Tee on TV3 on Friday, July 28, 2023, the ‘Touch It’ singer emphasized that he had to learn from his mistakes the hard way, but these experiences have contributed to shaping his current character. He refers to that phase of his life as his “foolish youthful days,” recognizing that he has evolved since then.

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When asked to offer advice to those who still engage in similar behavior, KiDi, the VGMA 2022 artiste of the year, believes that some individuals have to go through their own challenging experiences before they truly learn and change. He suggests that no amount of advice can replace the impact of personal growth through life lessons.

“‘Wob3 nnyin ab3 tu’ (meaning you’ll grow to come and see). There are a lot of things in life that you can never advise anybody on; they have to meet it themselves and learn from it. I’m of that view. If they don’t experience it for themselves, they won’t learn,” he indicated.

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